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Mission, Vision, & Values


Our mission is to be prepared to protect our citizens’ lives and property while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism possible through prevention, progressive training, and technologically advanced equipment.


On the foundation of traditional fire service values, we will establish a modern and technologically advanced fire department that will ensure a safe living and working environment for the community.


As a team, we place great importance on the contributions of each member of our organization. We have the utmost respect for those who came before us and will make every effort to improve this organization for those who will come after us. Our organizational values will guide us in the manner in which we will conduct ourselves and the way we interact with the communities we serve.

Pride: we will maintain high standards for the appearance of our stations, equipment, uniforms, and employees.

Selflessness: it is our duty to place others before ourselves, demonstrate empathy, and act with compassion.

Honor, Duty, and Courage: these are traditional fire service values. We will adhere to a high moral standard of behavior reflective of the noble profession we have chosen because we are the Krum Fire Department.

Integrity: we will always be honest, and do what is right while maintaining a high ethical and moral standard in all of our interactions with others to preserve the trust of everyone we encounter.

Excellence: excellence is our responsibility. To excel in our profession, we shall demonstrate a high level of passion and dedication. We shall strive hard to enhance our skills through training and education.

Family-Focused: we are a family. We are committed and accountable to one another because our lives depend on it. We will also treat our residents and patients with respect and dignity as if they were members of our family.



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