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Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention

The Fire Marshal's office plays a pivotal role in maintaining the safety mission of the department and strives to develop proactive risk management awareness through plan review, fire inspections, code enforcement, and public education. The Fire Marshal's office is also responsible for fire investigations. 


The department is responsible for conducting fire and life safety inspections for all new commercial construction projects,  existing commercial properties, and sprinkled residential structures.  All existing commercial businesses within the City of Krum are inspected on an annual basis. 

Click here to download the fire inspection application.

Plan Review

The Fire Marshal reviews commercial and residential plans to ensure compliance with the 2018 International Fire Code, NFPA, and adopted amendments,  which are all approved by the Krum City Council. This includes concept, site, and building plans, as well as, fire protection and life safety systems.


After the Fire 

While prevention of fires and accidents remains the priority of the Fire Department, inevitably fires do occur. When that happens, the Fire Marshal is responsible for conducting the investigation to determine the origin and cause of the fire with the assistance of the Denton County Fire Marshal's Office.

For any inspections, code requirements, or questions that pertain to outside the city limits of Krum, please contact the Denton County Fire Marshal's Office at 940-349-2840

Contact Information:
Krum Fire Marshal Phone: 940-482-6257 ext. 4 

Denton Co. Fire Marshal Office: 940-349-2840




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